Sports and Rehab Massage

I have 12 years experience in Neuromuscular therapies
*Neuromuscular therapy is the treatment whereby the therapist maneuvers myofascial tissue to    facilitate the nerve to release tension and positions of strain and sprain.


I worked as a Sport masseuse at Les Mills Gym In Hamilton for 5 years full time working up to 6 days a week, with my clinical and hands on experience forever growing with every client that i treated, giving advice on what techniques and exercises or stretches to use to restrengthen Agonist and Antagonistic muscle groups, this ensures that the treatment i provide is long lasting.
Other treatment Modalities available:


*Deep Tissue Massage  -  Involves Muscle and fascia release by utiising Muscle stripping flushing and

  Trigger point therap - 1  to  1 ½ hour in clinic treatment -

  Pricing $65.00 for 1 hour treatment $90.00 for 1 and 1/2 hour treatment.


*Inversion Therapy - Positioning on a Table either Prone or supine that secures you to the table 

   where you can then be slowly Inverted upside down to allow ligaments and vertebrae to be   

   decompressed and allow fluid flow back into cartilidge ligaments and muscles. - 1/2 hour treatment

Pricing $30.00 for 1/2 hour session (10 minute assessment and 20 minute treatment).


*EMS Therapy - Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Placement of electrodes on muscle Trigger points to 

  stimulate the nerves to release chronic positions of strain and pain. - 20 minute treatment -

  Pricing $30.00 for 1/2 hour session (10 minute assessment and 20 minute treatment)


*Chair Massage – this treatment is between 15mins to a ½ hour treatment Concentrating on the Cervical    and Thorasic spine (Neck, Upper and Mid back muscles) and can include the arms, this treatment can

   be carried out in clinic, in a office or group  environment. Pricing starts from $1.20 per minute

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