Ora Clinic Rongoa Whanau Herbal Medicine kit

1x 1L Concentrate Kawakawa Lemon, Ginger & Hi Dose Vitamin C Rongoa/Tonic

1x 25ml Antiparasite Digestive repair Tincture

1x 25ml Huango/Respiratory Tincture

1x Kawakawa Massage Balm  or 1x Kawakawa Eczema Balm

1x Scented Heat pack for aches and Pains


Kawakawa/Lemon/Ginger/ Vitamin C Rongoa: Use to Boost the immunity when allergies, cold and coughs hit, Can be taken as a concentrated shot or as amazingly freashing tasting tea.


AntiParasite & Digestive Tincture: Use as a safe alternative to worm the kids, can also be used to help settle an upset stomach or to sort out a tummy bug.

Huango/RespiratoryTincture: Use to help ease coughing and respiratory conditions,Works really well with Children and Small babies.

Kawakawa Anti Pain/Mamae Mirimiri Balm: A Natural Amazing smelling massage balm to help relax and ease muscle strains and pains safe to use on children also.


Kawakawa Eczema Balm: A Natural and amazing soothing and moistursing balm to ease away and prevent the irritation of eczema, dermatitis, bites, stings, cuts and scrapes.

Scented Heat Pack: To be heated in the microwave to warm and ease the aches and pains of sore and strained muscles, scented with Sweet Orange and Lavender.





Rongoa Whanau Herbal Medicine kit


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