Clinicians Super Family C - Vitamin C Powder, is perfect for  adding to your smoothies  or to water, 1 teaspoon is approximately 2 grams of Vitamin C or enough as a general maintenance dose to keep your immune system strengthened, or  4 - 6 grams per day can be used help overcome illness quickly without causing stomach or digestive upset 

This 1kg size should last you and your family at least 6 months.

Normal Retail $137.89

My Price $87.36

Download Super family  C Info Sheet

Radiance Liposomal  - Vitamin C  - 180ml - uses natural, purified & filtered non hydrogenated no GMO sunflower phosphatidylcholine fo the microencapsulation unlike other brands that use inferior hydrogenated soy lechithin.,  it is perfect for  adding to your smoothies  or to water, 1 teaspoon (5ml) is approximately 1000mg of Vitamin C or enough as a general maintenance dose to)your immune system strengthened, or  4 - 6 grams (20-30mls) per day can be used help overcome illness without causing stomach or digestive upset 

Normal Retail $68.80

My Price $49.00

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What are Liposomes?

Liporevolution - Liposomal Vitamin C  - 150ml, Antioxidant support for cellular health, immunity support, Antihistamine, Antiinflammatory, Joint and bone support through collagan promotion Burn, wound, sprain, broken bone support, eye health, Cardiovascular Health.

Normal Retail $70.35

My Price $50.93

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Download Info sheet on Clinicians Vit C & Quercetin

Clinicians  - Liposomal Vitamin C & Quercetin 180 ml, Vitamin C is important, but for some people its acidity levels can lead to bowel discomfort.  Using liposomal technology Vitamin C & Quercertin Liposomes helps gentle absorption and bioavailability.  It comes in an easy to take liquid format with natural fruit flavours.

Normal Retail Price $69.00

My Price $48.64

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Other Liposomal supplements I recommend:

Clinicians Liposomal , Vitamin B12 - 60ml

Advance support for Stress and your nervous system health.

Vitamin B12 can be difficult for a weak or ageing digestive system to absorb, using Liposomal technology coats the nutirent in liposomes that mimic the cell walls which allows not only protection from the bodies stomach acids but also provides guranteed absorption uptake by cells.

This formula also uses the active form of B12 Methylcobalimin , that is immediately usable in the body.

Normal Retail $57.49.

My Price $37.19

Clinicians Liposomal Tumeric - 180ml Advanced support for Inflammation, inflammation prevention, joint and mobility support, Tumeric has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, but uts actions have been limited by its poor absorption and quick metabolism. Using liposomal technology Tumeric Liposomal is more bioavailable and comes in an easy to tak liquid format. Liposomal Tumericis perfect for  adding to your smoothies  or to water, 

The formula contains 95% curcuminoids the active constituents in tumeric for consistent quality and can be taken orally

Normal Retail $80.49

My Price $55.12

Clinicians Liposomal Co Q10 - 180ml, Advanced Antioxidant  protection for Heart Health and increased energy and increased cognitive function.

Coenzyme Q10 is poorly water soluable, which consequently leads to low systemic availability, Using liposomal technology CoQ10 and PQQ  (pyrroloquinoline Quinone)L an qntioxidant shown to support the body with energy, stress, sleep, mental focus and healthy brain function.

Normal Retail $91.98

My Price $55.57

Clinicians Liposomal Vitamin D3 and K2  - 30ml- Advance support for bone health, muscle strngth and joint mobility, This liposomal formula contains the forms of Vitamin D3 abnd K2 most usable to the body.  These forms have been scietifically shown to work synergistically together to support bone health than wither ingredient alone.  Vitamin D is particularly prone to oxidation, so by using liposomal technology  we can improve its stability and make it more bioavailable.

Normal Retail $69.00

My Price $43.64

Clinicians Liposomal DHA Omega 3 - 180ml- Support for Healthy mood focus and mental energy, Heart and circulation support, Supporting eye health, General Health and Wellbeing. 

DHA Liposomal provides Omega 3 form high quality pure Algae Oil, As a sustainable alternative to fish oil dervied DHA this easy to take liquid is sutable for vegans.  It provides 400mg of DHA in a once a day formula and liposomal technology helps improve stability of these oils that can easily oxidise.

Normal Retail $91.98

My Price $55.57

Download Co Q10 Technical Data Sheet

Download DHA Omega 3 Technical Data Sheet

Download Vit B12 Technical Data Sheet

Download Tumeric Technical Data Sheet

Liporevolution Liposomal B12 Methylfolate - 60ml, Advanced Brain function & mood health, increased Energy Levels, Anti-inflammatory, Ideal for those with the MTHFR gene mutation.

Your liver must convert regular B12 (cyanocobalamin) into Methylcobaliminn, some people have difficulty converting inactive cyanocobalmin into active methylcobalamin.  We beleive its best to be on the cautious side and provide activated/broken down B12 in the most bioavailable form possible.

Most B12 supplements are broken down by the stomach acid prior to being absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to cells, whereas liposomal B12 allows the active B12 Vitamin to be encased in a protective fatty liopsome to provide a barrier against stomach acids, so more nutrients get delivered where you need them in your cells.

1 ml per serving.

Normal Retail $67.85

My Price $43.47

BioMedica Glutathione - 150ml Advanced Antioxidant  protection for Liver Health & Function and to help support the immune system.

Recommended 3ml Daily

Practiotioner prescribed only

My Price $69.34

BioMedica Liposomal B12 Hydroxocobalamin - 50ml, Advanced 

Nervous system function and assistance in the creation of myelin ( the insulation around the nerves)Vitamin B12 is involved in the production of Energy in the body and helps the body metabolise proteins, carbohydrates and fats, it also essential in cell growth and replication, supports healthy cellular function and is involved in DNA synthesis.

.05-2ml per day

Practioner only prescribed

My Price $33.75

Liporevolution Liposomal Multivitamin and Minerals formula - 300mls

Support for Common micronutrient deficiencies, Energy Support, Cardiovascularfunction, support for alertness or focus, Immunity support, Mood support with Methylated B complex, Ideal for all diet types, particularly useful for restrictinve diets, Nutrient support during physical and mental stress, suitable for a

A quality Mulitvitamin and Mineral that provides the foundation of a daily nutritional supplement plan with liposomal technology to increase bioavailability and circulating blood levels and protects from the effects of bile and stomach acid degradation. Nutrients are provided in their most active/metabolised form for ease of delivery to cells and are suitable as well for those with the MTHFR variarants  

10 ml serving per day (Approx 2 Teaspoons).

Normal Retail $102.35

My Price $68.40

Download Multivitamin and Mineral Technical Data Sheet

Download Vitamin B12 Technical Data Sheet

Practioner only Precscribed Liposomes

Intravenous Vitamin C

Vitamin C, when administered in high doses by intravenous (I.V.) infusions, can kill cancer cells. Vitamin C interacts with iron and other metals to create hydrogen peroxide. In high concentrations, hydrogen peroxide damages the DNA and mitochondria of cancer cells and shuts down their energy supply and kills them outright.

Best of all — and unlike virtually all conventional chemotherapy drugs that destroy cancer cells — it is selectively toxic. No matter how high the concentration, Vitamin C does not harm healthy cells.


Two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, along with Dr. Ewen Cameron of Scotland, did a scientific study proving that 10 grams of Vitamin C, given by I.V., could extend the life of advanced cancer patients six-fold.

However, there is currently an entire field of research called orthomolecular medicine which is devoted to natural treatments, especially Vitamin C, and their effect on disease.

“Vitamin C is thought to act as a pro-oxidant inside the cell in high concentration, and some hydrogen peroxide is formed which is rapidly disposed of by catalase in a normal cell,” said Dr. William Wassell. “Since cancer cells have a deficiency or lack entirely of catalase the peroxides kill the [cancer] cell.”

I do plan to eventually set my clinic to be able to administer IV Vitamin C - So watch this space....

More information can be found regarding Cancer, Vitamin C and IV Vitamin C by following the link below


Download D3 & K2 Technical Data Sheet

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