RONGOA  -  1 Litre $20.00

I have ready made Rongoa available with a modern twist to the receipe, no longer will you have to drink these very strong and therapeutic Wairakau (tonics) reluctantly hoping you can keep it down which is a all too familiar feeling especially when your not well,

My Rongoa is refreshingly easy to drink and yet have more therapeutic and beneficial detoxing ingredients added to it.

Main Actions:


Detox & Immunity Blend


Ø  Stomach Pains/Constipation/Irritable Bowel    

     syndrome/ Bloating and Gas

Ø Arthritis/Gout/Rheumatism/Aches and Pains

Ø Skin conditions including Eczema /Psoriasis &


Ø Respiratory Complaints including Coughing,

     Bronchitis & Asthma

 Ø Urinary and Kidney complaints

  *  Depurative - Helps to Detoxify the Body and in particular the Digestive system and Liver and Kidneys

  * Diuretic – Increases urinary output

  * Carminative - Relieves Stomach & Intestinal Spasms and Pain

  * Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic/Spasmolytic - Reduces Inflammation and Relieves Pain in the Body,

     and as a Diaphoretic – Promotes sweating to control fevers

  * Antiseptic - Destroys and Reduces pathogens within the body

  * Anti -Cancer properties



Immunity Blend Ingredients:

High Dose Vitamin C - (1 gram per 200mls)

High Dose Vitamin C is an essential ingredient to my rongoa receipe, and one of the vital ingredients that helped me overcome my Cancer however other ingredients like Multi mineral or Electrolyte supplements as well as Essential Fatty acids and other herbals  can be added according to your health needs and tastes.
I can provide these supplements at a highly discounted rate to normal retail, and have these shipped to you direct within 1 - 2 days from ordering, helping you to save time and money
Main Actions:

* Anti-Cancer – research has shown that Vitamin C is Toxic to Tumour Cells and boosts the immune


* Immune Stimulant: - helps to stimulate antibodies within the body

* Strong Antioxidant: - Scavenges Free radicals and Nitrogens within the body

*Cardioprotective – helps to support the Heart

* Helps to improve your mood, brain and nerve function

*Antihistamine: Acts to help reduce histamines in the body reducing allergy reactions.

*Cell Healing: Increases Wound Healing

 Lemon & Orange rind  

*Contains Anticancer terpene Limonene which also has antiinflamitory ,Energy giving, Calming, Focus

   and uplifting properties


*Is used traditionally to help ease Nausea, has destressing properties, is an immune stimulant

  especially for coughs and colds and suppressing tumour growth.


 *Is an Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, it Detoxifies the body,and is an Immune



 *Anti-inflammatory, Immune stimulant, Anti-cancer agent, Antioxidant.



 * Immune Stimulant, digestive moderator, Cancer Inhibitor


Chickory Root-

 *  Liver & Gallbladder detoxifier, Immune Booster, Antibacterial agent

Main Actions: 

* Expectorant – Helps to remove excess mucus from the respiratory system.

* Alterative – Blood Cleanser, Helps restores normal body functions by improving the removal of metabolic wastes from the Kidneys


* Ant dyspeptic – helps relieve indigestion.

* Antirheumatic – helps relieve and prevent rheumatic conditions and gout.

* Vulnerary – soothes and aids the body in the healing process.


Bronchial, Detox & Immunity Blend

(With Kawakawa Immunity Blend added)


Ø Extra  Strength help for Respiratory Complaints

     including Coughing, Bronchitis & Asthma

Ø  Stomach Pains/Constipation/Irritable Bowel    

     syndrome/ Bloating and Gas

Ø Arthritis/Gout/Rheumatism/Aches and Pains

Ø Skin conditions including Eczema /Psoriasis &


Ø Urinary and Kidney complaints

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