Ora Herbal Vape Liquid

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It is my mission to help people that are struggling with their health and improve their daily lives.

These blends are designed to not only provide an alternative for Nictotine and smoking but to also take a modern approach to  an ancient practice of using natural herbs spices and fruit essences to provide a desired effect.

Most Vape users today use store bought E liquid that contains Propylene Glycol a Substance that has been classified as  a toxic substance that is harmful to your health in Large doses or when taken in small doses over a long period of time.

Our Blends have been combined to provide you with known herbal benefits and can be easily used in your favourite vapouriser

Vape with Effect

Our Essences are made from well known herbs to acheive the effect desired - natural substances that have been used for hundreds and hundreds of years in traditonal herbal medicine.

Our Blends

Promotes, Natural Energy, Clear Mind

Sweet Lemon Tea, with Berry and Spice.

Infused with Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Ginseng with Natural and Organic flavours



Promotes, Relaxation, Peace of Mind & Restful Sleep. 

A Rich chocolate With Creme Caramel

Infused with Valerian Root

St. Johns Wort, Ginseng,with Organic Flavors & Stevia Extract.


Giggle Juice


Promotes, Vitality and Energy/Libido

Cream Caramel with Hints of Cinnamon and Spice

Blend of  Maca, Yohimbe & Ginseng with organic and natural flavors

Lemon Berry Creme


Nicotine Alternative 

A Boost of Energy plus Support for Stress Appetite and Detox

Creme Custard


Nicotine Alternative

A Boost of Energy, plus support for stress Appetite

and Detox 

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Deep and Soothing Breath easy

With Eucalyuptus, Peppermint, pine, lemon, Cedarwood, lavender, tea tree,thyme , ginger and aniseed.

Take a Deep breath and enjoy this refreshing and purifying blend



Promotes Focus and Concentration

A Citrus Lemon, peppermint and Vanilla Spice

Infused with Citrus lemon,Rosemary,. sweet basil, peppermint oil and black pepper oil  




A Happy and 

calming blend

with a Tropical hit


The blend of Cheerful oranges, calming chamomile and relaxing lavender

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