Background:I am a Natural Therpist with a Certificate in Natural Therapies and Diploma Credits to Level 5 in Human Science, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Clinical Practice and Neuromuscular Therapies and, have been Operating my Business and Home Life as such since 2005.

What started my Cancer Journey:In 2007, I opened up a Body Therapy and Natural Therapies Clinic in Les Mills in Hamilton called Xtreme Body Worx, I operated on my own and it was a very sucessfull business operating up to 6 days per week with 5-6 clients per day, However in January 2012, i needed to go into Hospital to have a pancreatic cyst removed and checked for cancer with a 7 day planned stay in hospital, the surgery was sucessfull and no cancer was found, however due to a major infection and a number of further surgery mishaps, patient mismangement and misinformation, i ended up staying in hospital for 3 months and contracted a Superbug called ESBL. After daily xrays, weekly CT scans and Near Liver failure from the pain medication and also no success with further conventional medical treatment, weak and barely alive, i discharged myself from Waikato hospital and went home.

I started to recover quickly but it took 4 months to recover fully, and due to my weak state, i did not recontinue my Therapy Business and we moved to Rotorua in March of 2012.


The Biggest Shock of my Life: I went back into Office maangement  for 2 years and in December of 2014,  i was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer, confused, in total shock and not knowing what path to take, i took the surgeons and Oncologist advice for immediate surgery to remove the cancer from my breast and lymphatic tissue with planned agressive Chemo treatment to start after i healed from the surgery.   In March of 2015, id had my 2nd round of Chemo and a CT scan which was to reveal that my Liver had multiple Cancer lesion, so i was now Stage 4!!.  So not only was i immune comprimised from the Chemo my body overloaded with toxins, i had lost all my hair, was feeling nauseas and tired all the time i was also Once again in Complete shock and an emotional wreck, i went home with the prognosis of about a 5% survival rate or approximately 6 months left to live.

I had to start looking and researching other Treatments, found alot of Cancer clinics overseas with very high sucess rates but it meant over $16000.00 in Deposit and a upto $60,000-$100,000 in Treatment costs and a possible 6 month stay overseas without my family. ...I couldnt do it.


My Vitamin C IV Journey begins:I decided to contact our family Tohunga, he performed his blessing on me but he also advised that i should seek the help of Dr Mike Godfrey who practices with Natural Therapies and does Vitamin C IV Therapy, I immediatley made an appointment to see him and started my VitC IV journey on a weekly basis and also started using High Dose Vitamin C powder blended with 1/2 a pinapple daily,along with other supplements.

I Get the ALL CLEAR:  6 weeks later my Oncologist requests a 2nd CT Scan by this stage i have had 6 Vit C IV Treatments and one further Chemo Treatment, My CT results came back Completely CLEAR, releived i contacted my immediate family to let them all know that they didnt have to worry about me everything is fine.  However my Oncologist was completely dumbfounded and all he could say was that the original CT scan radiologist staff must of reported the Liver lesions as a misread!!


Bye Bye to Conventional Cancer Drug Treatments:  I continued with my Vitamin C Iv treatments weekly and after finding out some vital information about the 2nd round of weekly Chemo treatments that i was receiving and how it had been proven to cause secondary cancers, armed with my information from the NCBI (National Centre forBiotechnology Information), i immediatley requested that my chemo was to be stopped and that i no longer wanted to continue with any further Conventional Drug Treatments.

Cancer Free for 3 years and Lessons learned:  I have had a few more delimmas with consequential breast reconstruction surgeries mostly due to incompetance from surgeons not taking into account that i have had a ESBL infection and along with my immune system being slightly still comprimised causing major skin healing issues, However all of my consequential CT scans and tissue results and checks are all completely CANCER FREE and I feel that all these events no matter how painfull , life draining or disfiguring they may have been, I have survived them and learned from them and they now serve me as lessons  learned to help others.


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