I am a Natural Therapist and healer with a Certificate in Natural Therapies with Diploma level 5 Human Science, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Clinical Practice and Neuromuscular Therapies. I have been Operating my Business and Home Life as such since 2005. 

I am a Stage 4 Breast and Liver cancer survivor, that stopped all Chemo, Radiation and Drug therapy after 4 months of going through hell with conventional cancer treatments and 2 years of further upheavals, pain and disfigurement from the subsequent and many "re-do" & fix up  surgeries and hospital visits that i endured with my condition.  I got through it all and beat my cancer with Natural Treatments and armed with a holistic view of the true nature of  how our body operates especially when its in dysfunction and utilised the knowledge to  best support my immune system so i could heal myself and not promote secondary cancers forming.

I use  Natural Homeobotanical Tinctures combined with other methods which are very potent and effective and can be customised to your particular Health needs to help you overcome your acute or chronic illness.

Let me give you the ammunition you need to help you win your battle in the WAR against Cancer, I won my Battle against Stage 4 Breast and Liver Cancer...You can too!!...........

I have Life changing information that will make the penny drop for your health crisis

Complete the Questionaire below and i can send you my Cancer protocols vital information for free!!

Mel Roberts

Ora Clinic

470 Whirinaki Valley Road, RD1 Ngakuru

Rotorua, 3077, NZ

T: +64 73332354

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by Mel Roberts

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